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These Wild-Eyed Custard Buns Make Playing With Your Food Hard to Resist

They straddle the line between funny and gross.

Yum Cha HK in Hong Kong is serving up some unusual custard buns. Taking "oozing" to the next level, the hot custard buns don't lack in the presentation department. Captured in this Instagram post by a fan of the restaurant — dubbing them the eatery's "most entertaining dish" — the yellow buns resemble a face, complete with eyeballs. The comical appearance of the buns are made even more hilarious by the diner, who pokes a hole in the shape of a mouth and proceeds to let the interior custard ooze out of the opening — how appetizing.

Who says you can't play with your food? Hopefully eating them doesn't result in diners recreating these buns' bodily function.

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