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Watch World-Renowned Butcher Dario Cecchini Tell His Story

He also guides a tour of Tuscany and butchers' fresh cuts of beef.

Lucky Peach's Italian photographer Gabriele Stabile recently spent the day with one of the world's most famous butchers, Dario Cecchini, and put together this video of their experience together. The Tuscan butcher comes from a long line of men in the trade — eight generations to be exact — and uses the same butcher block that was owned by his great-grandfather. In fact, the Cecchinis are so dedicated to their craft, Dario's father first laid eyes on his son while wearing his white uniform, arriving straight from his butcher shop.

While he talks about wanting to start a career away from the family business in his teens, Cecchini accepted his integral part in keeping the 250 of Cecchini tradition alive after his father was hospitalized. While he says it took years, he eventually threw himself into the work and learned what it truly meant to be a butcher. Watch him tell his story via the above video.

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