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Late-night diners at a Waffle House in Kennesaw, Ga., were treated to an unwanted dinner and a show Friday, complete with full frontal nudity and violence. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an irate woman named Jennifer Nicholson became increasingly belligerent and went on a rampage in the restaurant, punching a woman in the nose and throwing platters of food at other diners, breaking one of the windows. Although unsure what caused the woman's outrageous behavior, Cobb County Police said Nicholson stripped naked and proceeded to break a customer's nose before wreaking havoc on the restaurant in what her arrest warrant calls an "excited delirium state," reports Rolling Out.

In addition to throwing heavy platters at customers and employees, Nicholson also began flinging dishes at police when they arrived at the scene. Once police approached her, Nicholson resisted arrest and scratched a police officer before finally being subdued. She was charged with aggravated battery, criminal damage to property — both considered felonies — simple assault, obstruction, simple battery, and public indecency. As of Wednesday, she was being held without bond at Cobb County Jail.

While Nicholson is a far cry from a previous Waffle House customer who left a $600 tip or a 5-year-old who recently bought a homeless man his meal, it is certainly not the first time a Waffle House patron has exhibited violent behavior. In a similar situation, a man dining at a South Carolina location threw a plate-throwing tantrum before walking out on his bill. And the violence doesn't stop there: Last March an angry Albuquerque man threatened his waitress with a knife after being denied pie, and a Biloxi, Miss., customer went as far as to shoot and kill his waitress over the restaurant's no-smoking policy.