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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Console Restaurant Employees That Thought They Won the Powerball

They were looking at numbers from the wrong day.

Earlier this week news broke of a group of restaurant staff members that filmed themselves while reading a winning Powerball ticket. In what may be the biggest upset of the year, the group found out later that they had been looking at an old ticket and their win was therefore invalid. Last night on late night, Jimmy Kimmel video-conferenced with the restaurant team to see if they'd gotten over their crushing loss. They explain how they got the wrong numbers, and who gave them the wrong ticket. The group bought 270 tickets total, and didn't find out they had the wrong numbers until later that night. It wasn't until a bartender's wife asked him to double check the numbers that one member of the group found out the depressing news. For a full 20 minutes this group of 42 hard-working folks believed they had won millions. After they thought they'd won, the dishwashers ripped their aprons off and said "we're never washing another dish again for the rest of our lives." For some reason, the group still believes they can win. As Kimmel noted, "that would be karmic retribution."

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