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Watch Stephen Colbert Pander to Yelp's CEO for a Five-Star Review

Plus, Jeremy Stoppelman has some choice words for Google.

"What have you done to us, by creating Yelp? All of us are critiquing each other all the time. Would you like to apologize?" Stephen Colbert invited Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman onto the Late Show last night to talk about the popular, and often controversial review site. First, Colbert presents Stoppelman with an amuse bouche, and goads the Yelp bigwig into giving his experience on the show five stars. Stoppelman chokes on the fresh pepper that was ground atop his bite of mozzarella and one wonders if he'd give the experience more than a single star after that. Defending his product and the many harsh reviews on Yelp, Stoppelman explains why people remember the negative, using (oddly?) an encounter with a bear in the woods as an example. Colbert gets it: "One star review: Lion ate my friend. Would not come back."

Onto a more important topic, Colbert confronts Stoppelman about zero stars: "Will you just create a button where someone can give zero stars because I'm tired of reading people saying 'I wish I could give zero stars.'" Stoppelman says he will consider the request.

Finally, Colbert brings up the red, green, yellow, and blue elephant in the room, Google: "You have some crisp things to say about Google. What's your beef with Google?" Stoppelman does not mince words: "Google over time has compromised users... increasingly they don't [send you to the best content]... they'll serve up their own kind of cruddy content... and bury all of the other options." Watch the full clip to see how many stars the Late Show With Stephen Colbert has on Yelp.

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