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TipsForJesus Gave One Server a Very Merry Christmas With a $5,000 Tip

It went down at a fancy resort bar in Arizona.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort

The charitable social media sensation known only as TipsForJesus emerged from the shadows on Christmas Day to play Santa for one unsuspecting server. The philanthropists were apparently visiting the shishi Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Paradise Valley, Ariz. for a little Yuletide rest and relaxation when they dined at the resort's Jade Bar; there, they racked up a bill of $209.98 and tacked on a $5,000 tip:

Thanks Micaela! Better late than never! #makechristmasgreatagain #tipsforjesus

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They also posed for a picture with the lucky server, Micaela, praising her for the "best service ever":

Best service ever! #makechristmasgreatagain #tipsforjesus

A photo posted by tipsforjesus (@tipsforjesus) on

Interestingly, the big tippers scribbled a hashtag, #MakeChristmasGreatAgain, on the receipt, which sounds an awful lot like a holiday twist on presidential candidate Donald Trump's slogan, "Make America great again." (Indeed, the hashtag also appears to be popular with pro-Christmas boosters on Twitter.) With that in mind, it's probably safe to say which side of the Starbucks holiday red cup controversy TipsForJesus was on — so don't expect them to be slipping any $5,000 tips to their barista after ordering a Frappuccino.