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Aromatic Alarm Clock Rouses You From Your Slumber With the Smell of Breakfast

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The smell of cold-hard cash is also an option.


Getting out of bed in the morning can be rough for many, but the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, freshly baked muffins, or bacon can be a huge motivator. That's the thought behind SensorWake, an alarm clock that emits an aroma of your choice to wake you instead of an ear-piercing noise. According to its Kickstarter campaign, the clock was created by Guillaume Rolland, an 18-year-old from France who aims to revolutionize the way you wake up.

The engineering student partnered with fragrance and flavor company Givaudan to create a variety of scents: Go all-American with bacon and orange juice, or there's a more European "Continental Breakfast" option that smells like coffee and a croissant. Need motivation to go to your soul-sucking corporate job every day? There's also a scent called "VIP Lounge," which smells of money. Testing has shown that the smells will wake the average person within two minutes, but the clock is also equipped with an actual sound-based alarm that will go off as a backup after three minutes — just in case the breakfast aroma somehow gets incorporated into your awesome dream.

SensorWake's Kickstarter brought in over $200,000, easily surpassing its original goal of $54,000, though it appears the company has missed its intended goal of shipping units by November 2015 (the website now promises delivery by June 2016, with rollout to stores following in November). But with the product just featured at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Rolland is sure to be swamped with new orders for people who want to wake up hungry.

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