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All-Nacho Restaurant Opens; Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With the Smell of Bacon or Money

Five things to know right now.


It's Tuesday, January 12 and the 182nd anniversary of the death of legendary French chef Marie-Antoine Carême who died in Paris on this date in 1833. Known as "the cook of kings and the king of cooks," he is widely seen as the father of French haute cuisine. So yes, that cream sauce, those fanciful cakes, and those decorative centerpieces in classic French cookbooks can be traced back to his inventive mind and almost scientific understanding of food, time, and temperature.

In other news, a new nacho restaurant has opened in California; salad chain Sweetgreen is moving its headquarters to Los Angeles; Martha Stewart on getting her start as a "lifestyle impresario;" Osaka is now home to a girls-only cafe; and a new bacon alarm clock is probably the best thing to come out of CES.

— There's a new restaurant just south of San Francisco's Bay Area that purports to sell nachos and nothing but nachos. (Ok, apparently the place also serves tacos and quesadillas.) It's called Nachoria and the world may never be the same.

— Sweetgreen, the flavor-forward salad chain — which has raised quite a bit of money in recent years, and expanded to the West Coast last year — is moving its headquarters to LA this year, according to a release. It certainly didn't take long for the West Coast to embrace Sweetgreen, and now the company "believes California is vital to its plans to go national."

— Martha Stewart on her first big dinner party: There was one party in New York for the Folk Art Museum... I brought in the food and decorations. That armory is a giant place, and they allowed me to bring in my beautiful chickens — a rare breed. I brought them in poultry cages and people were shocked to see real chickens alive and well. I brought in giant baskets of apples and bales of hay — brought in the harvest, basically. This is at the same time, by the way, that Studio 54 is doing walls of ice and all kinds of crazy stuff. People went nuts over that. They loved it. They wanted the country brought to the city and the city brought to the country."

— Themed cafes, known as Otaku cafes in Japan, are popular throughout Asia. Think: Cat cafes, and cafes themed around popular characters like Hello Kitty. Unfortunately, Otaku cafes are seen as male-dominated places in Japan. According to T + L, a new shop, Ataraxia Cafe, is girls only. Interested parties have to test their way into gaining access, but once in there are "shelves-upon-shelves of manga from all genres" and tables "where the women can create cosplay costumes."

— Clearly the best thing to come out of CES is an alarm clock that will wake you up with the smell of bacon. The Sensorwake, now on Kickstarter, lets you choose how you want to wake up: To the smell of coffee, bacon, croissants, or even money. The campaign has far surpassed its goal and the clock is now in production.

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