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Discounts for Gun-Carrying Customers Are All the Rage These Days

You don't even need your physical gun for this one! A gun permit is good enough!

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Dueling Irons/Facebook

While the country is in the midst of a heated gun control debate, one Idaho restaurant is making it clear where they stand. According to KREM, Dueling Irons — a restaurant clearly not afraid of insinuating violence, which is even in its name — located in Post Falls (just across the border from Spokane, Wash.), is offering a 15 percent discount to any customer carrying a gun.

In order to receive their discount, customers must carry their weapon openly or concealed, or may show a concealed gun permit. As a result, the restaurant has become a go-to spot for many gun enthusiasts in the area. There's nothing gun owners love more than a place that encourages them to bare all arms.

The restaurant also took to social media to promote its new policy on its Facebook page.

We have couple new things going on! The open carry discount is being expanded to included ccw permits, and increasing...

Posted by Dueling Irons Restaurant on Saturday, January 9, 2016

The owner of the restaurant, Thomas Didra, explained that the policy is not meant to encourage gun violence, but is a way to reward those who follow gun laws and are responsible gun owners. He explains to KREM, "I actually am a gunsmith as well, so I've been tied to the gun culture for quite a while." He goes on to say, "This is what we've chosen to do as a business and we respect your choices and don't hold any ill will if you don't feel comfortable or safe in that environment."

A respectable opinion, surely, though it's unclear why or how restaurants have become safe havens for gun owners. Dueling Irons is not the only restaurant offering discounts to those dining with a weapon. A barbecue restaurant in Texas, Brooks Place, began offering a 25 percent discount to patrons taking advantage of the open-carry gun law. An Indiana restaurant also offered the same policy to its customers last year.

Not only is gun violence on the rise in the United States, but gun violence in restaurants tends to be particularly deadly as restaurants are generally seen as social and family gathering places, and not places where diners feel threatened or that they need protection.

Meanwhile, Dueling Irons believes "gun owners are self-respecting, very good people." In fact, according to its Facebook page, the pro-gun restaurant often offers discounts to customers who show proof of attendance to local gun shows, as well. The post seems to have been well-received on social media, with many sharing the post or "liking" it.

Bring in your receipts from the gun show this weekend in Spokane and get 20% off your order Monday or Tuesday! Have a great week!

Posted by Dueling Irons Restaurant on Sunday, December 6, 2015

Detractors, meanwhile, are less than enthused with the news. Diner Susan Kat wrote: "My sister and I were there yesterday. We enjoyed the food and the decor. But, having read about the 'open carry' policy, we won't be back. I have no desire to be in a place where some idiot who thinks that he is Wyatt Earl shows off his weapons. What a sad commentary on the world we live in."

Dueling Irons' gun-favoring policies are a departure from other restaurants who have turned away gun-carrying customers. Chipotle famously asked patrons to please refrain from bringing weapons into its locations in 2014; Panera also banned guns in 2014. Meanwhile, Waffle HouseOlive Garden, and T.G.I. Friday's have gotten into hot water for refusing to serve to law enforcement officers carrying guns.

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