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Asahi Reportedly Wants to Buy Peroni and Grolsch From SABMiller for $3.41 Billion

Before SABMiller can merge with AB-InBev, it's got to unload these two European brands.


How much beer does $3.41 billion buy, exactly? That's the amount Japanese beverage company Asahi is reportedly offering beer goliath SABMiller to take Peroni and Grolsch off its hands, according to Reuters.

Last month the world's largest beer company, AB InBev, made a deal to buy SABMiller — the world's second largest beer company — for a whopping $106 billion. But as part of that deal, which would create the biggest beer conglomerate the world's ever seen, SABMiller must first unload Dutch beer label Grolsch and Italian beer brand Peroni; according to Reuters sources, "AB InBev wants to avoid getting bogged down in regulatory scrutiny over a European portfolio that already includes Corona and Stella Artois."

If the deal goes through, "it would be the biggest overseas beverage acquisition ever by a Japanese company." Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers are expressing concern that the SABMiller-AB InBev deal could hurt the American craft beer market, and two dozen beer lovers banded together to file a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the massive merger.