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'Mad Max: Fieri Road' Paints a Blonde, Spiky Portrait of a Dystopian Future

A truly bizarre mashup.

In a distant dystopian future, bands of psychotic road warriors battle to escape a desert fortress and a ruthless dictator. Their leader: the platinum-headed, portly war beast known as Guy Fieri, whose vintage red Camaro shines like a beacon of truth against the post-nuclear holocaust landscape. The Donkey Sauce overlord's quest for the finest roadside eateries cannot be quenched, and so he must drive forever into the sandy depths, doomed to roam the earth in search of culinary achievements tasty enough to eat off a flipflop.

Or so the narrative seems to go in this bizarre mashup of 2015 box office smash hit Mad Max: Fury Road and long-running Food Network staple Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, brought to you by a YouTube visionary known to the internet only as jumblejimble. Fieri's shiny red ride looks a little out of place in director George Miller's dreamland, as do his signature wraparound shades, but it's nothing a gigantic dust storm can't fix.

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