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What It's Like to Play With Your Food in Space

Welcome to space. Try the brisket.

Astronaut Leland Melvin — an American engineer and a NASA astronaut who served on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis — has always loved to play with his food, but in a new video from Great Big Story, he admits that playing with food in space is way more fun than playing with food on Earth. Of course there's the whole zero gravity thing, in which everything floats, but Melvin especially enjoys suspending foods within liquid bubbles and then slurping them up. This is next level eating, people. Melvin also debunks the so-called freeze dried astronaut ice cream sold at museum gift stores: The food astronauts eat in space is far more sophisticated, and much care is taken so that it tastes good and is easy to prepare in space. While some astronauts lose their sense of taste while in orbit, Melvin does not. He enjoys NASA's brisket, mac & cheese, and "string beans with almonds, which had a nice flavor." Watch on to learn Melvin's favorite thing about eating in space.

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