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Eater Editors Try Soylent-Based Cocktails

The alcohol doesn't help, and neither does the chocolate

Soylent, the nutrient-rich meal replacement powder/drinkable glop that raised $20 million in funding last year, is now experimenting with ways to use the product as an ingredient in recipes, as an alternative to drinking the pancake-batter-like beverage on its own. The initiative reached the Eater office in the form of two cocktail recipes for our editors to concoct and sample: a Soylentini and a Soylent White (like a White Russian except grainy in texture, and also full of vitamins).

Invented in 2013 by software engineer Rob Rhinehart as a way to maximize nutritional intake while minimizing food shopping, preparing, and clean-up efforts, Soylent has undergone a few updates, with the latest version ("Soylent 2.0") debuting in September 2015. It’s been opined that Soylent by itself lacks the "delight" factor usually associated with eating; if these editors’ facial expressions are any indication, the same thing is true for Soylent-based cocktails.

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