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Child Sues Red Lobster Over Salmonella-Tainted Cucumbers

The child fell ill after eating at the restaurant.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Red Lobster and its produce distributor face a lawsuit for serving a child a salad with Salmonella-tainted cucumbers. According to a press release, a Minnesota child identified simply as A.J. dined with his parents at the restaurant in August and fell incredibly ill two days after. A.J. developed "stomach cramps and diarrhea," and a doctor confirmed that the child had contracted Salmonella.

The case is believed to be part of the multi-state cucumber-related Salmonella outbreak that's linked to 27 states and has sickened 285 people. The tainted cucumbers, which were grown in Mexico, are sold by San Diego-based distributor Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce. The company sells to major chains like Walmart and restaurants such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster. The cucumbers, which are sold under the Limited Edition able, have been recalled, and the harvesting and packaging of the cucumbers has been halted.

This is the second lawsuit in relation to the outbreak. A New York woman who fell ill after eating a salad with tainted cucumbers at Red Lobster is also suing Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce.