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New Site Makes Disney Restaurant Reservations Under Fake Names and Sells Them for a Fee

It's called DiS Dining Agent.

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It's no secret that restaurant reservations at Disney World are difficult to acquire and often require some serious advance planning. But now, according to the Orlando Sentinel, there is a new reservation service called DiS Dining Agent that aims to help customers land a dining time — for a fee — similar to apps like Reserve and Resy. However, unlike Reserve and Resy, which work with restaurants to secure tables, DiS Dining Agency makes restaurant reservations ahead of time under false names and then "transfers them to customers," for money.

DiS Dining Agent offers the reservations for around $15 each. The company's website notes that there is no guarantee that the transferring of reservations will be successful, but DiS Dining Agent will keep the fee regardless. However, for a smaller fee of $6 to $10, the site will cancel its reservation "in exchange for letting you know exactly when that happens," so that the customer has a better chance of calling and grabbing the table.

The site has drummed up a lot of controversy. Disney fans are upset at that a service would hoard reservations that are already difficult to acquire. Anna Skamarakas, a Disney Parks Mom panelist, tells the paper: "It just infuriates me... They are doing something to circumnavigate the system, which isn't fair to the rest of us who are trying to play by the rules." Disney is aware of the site and is "currently reviewing the situation."

DiS Dining Agent isn't the first reservation service with this method of operation. Last summer, a San Francisco-based company called ReservationHop launched. It makes reservations at restaurants under false names and then sells them for $5 to $12.