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Google to Start Delivering Groceries; Waffle House Serves Its Billionth Waffle

Plus, the real secret menu at McDonald's.

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

— Georgia-based 24-hour breakfast chain Waffle House has officially served its billionth waffle today. The customer, who dined at a location in Atlanta, received balloons, a goody bag, and a special plaque with her order. Employees also shouted congratulations. To further celebrate, the restaurant treated all of the diners to a free breakfast.

— Google is the latest tech giant to get into the grocery delivery game. The company will start testing the delivery service later this year in two cities — one of which is San Francisco, and the other has not yet been revealed. The grocery service will be part of the company's Google Express arm, which already delivers things like dry foods. The tech giant is teaming up with Whole Foods and Costco for its grocery delivery service. Its main competitor, Amazon, recently started testing a restaurant delivery program.

— Amy's Baking Company, arguably the most famous restaurant from Kitchen Nightmareshas closed. Controversial owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo apparently shut down operations at the Arizona restaurant this week. Kitchen Nightmares host Gordon Ramsay had such a difficult time with the couple that he quit in the middle of the episode.

— Here's the real "secret" menu at McDonald's, and it swaps the Land, Sea, Air burger for The McLuminati and Blankets in a Blanket.

— Arby's has fired the manager of a location and suspended a cashier indefinitely two days after an officer said she was denied service at the outpost because "she was a cop." The cashier says that it was just a joke "that backfired."

— You may want to step away from that plate of oysters: According to Chinese researchers, oysters appear to be "an important link in the transmission of norovirus among humans." The scientists found that 80 percent of the known strains of noroviruses that affect humans were also found in oysters, namely those that live in coastal waters that are more likely to be contaminated by human sewage. The oysters are a good spot for the norovirus to "hide," mutate, and then transmit back to humans when the bivalves are eaten raw.

—José Andrés says his Mexican restaurant Oyamel will open its doors to Donald Trump (who declared he would eat at a Mexican restaurant with Geraldo Rivera), but on one condition:

— Restaurant review app Zomato has managed to raise another $60 million dollars in funding. The India-based company, which recently bought Urbanspoon, has raised nearly $225 million to date.

— Here's the perfect gift for that Starbucks-loving Seattle Seahawks fan in your life: For the third year in a row, the coffee giant is partnering with the NFL team to offer a limited-edition gift card that comes in Seahawks colors. If that isn't enough branded merchandise for you, the two are also releasing a hot-beverage sleeve that looks like a jersey.