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McMuffin Market vs. Biscuit Market: McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Compromise

There's a catch when it comes to all-day breakfast.

A spread one might find at a 'McMuffin market' McDonald's.
A spread one might find at a 'McMuffin market' McDonald's.

Answering the prayers of sleepy fast food fans across America, McDonald's is finally rolling out all-day breakfast nationwide. But, there's a catch. Anyone hoping to grab an egg McMuffin and sausage biscuit at 3 p.m. will be out of luck. The all-day breakfast offerings will be limited, with some stores labeled as "McMuffin market" and others as "biscuit market."

No matter the market, every McDonald's will serve hotcake platters, sausage burritos, and three sides (Fruit ‘N Yogurt parfait, fruit & maple oatmeal, hash browns). At McMuffin market restaurants, egg McMuffins, sausage McMuffins with egg, and sausage McMuffins will be available. Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits; sausage biscuits with egg; and sausage biscuits will be served at biscuit market locations.

The decision to go with limited menus is likely an attempt to appease McDonald's franchisees who aren't in favor of all-day breakfast. Those against the idea have said they "simply don't have the room" to cook all of the menu options at once, especially because the grill is used "to prepare many of the [breakfast menu] items." Markets will be determined at the local level.

The limited menus will no doubt disappoint McMuffin and biscuit diehards who aren't in their preferred markets. That could be one of several potential issues that might put a dent in the success of McDonald's all-day breakfast.