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McDonald's Rebrands Its Fancy Burgers; Whole Foods CEO Comments on Layoffs

And, Chick-fil-A is giving away a bunch of free chicken sandwiches.

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— What once was TasteCrafted is now Chef Crafted. McDonald's is rebranding its high-end burger options and replacing a couple of flavors as a response to customer reception. Maple bacon dijon and buffalo bacon replace hot jalapeno and deluxe. "The original name ‘TasteCrafted' did not resonate with consumers," McDonald's spokesperson Lisa McComb told Bloomberg. "We decided to celebrate our chefs who have created these recipes and highlight the culinary expertise of our in-house and supplier chefs."

— Whole Foods is laying off 1,500 employees in an attempt to lower prices and embrace new technology. Co-CEO Walter Robb tells Fortune the layoffs are about more than simple numbers: "It's a tectonic shift going on in the marketplace right now. ... There's plenty of business to go get, we're just going to need to make that evolution to go get it."

— Chick-fil-A is gearing up for its NYC debut, and the controversial Atlanta-based chain wants to give New Yorkers a reason to stop by. The fried chicken sandwich purveyor will give away free food for a year to the first 100 adults in line on Saturday. The New York outpost, located at 37th and 6th, is the largest Chick-fil-A in the country.

— What's shouty chef Gordon Ramsay's favorite movie? It's one that isn't even out yet.

Ramsay likes a movie about a bad boy, temperamental chef? Shocking.

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