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Every Annoying Thing About Trendy Restaurants in One Video

"All of our dishes are just tiny, bite-sized amounts of food meant to be shared among eight people."

Here's everything obnoxious about dining at trendy restaurants, summed up in three minutes by CollegeHumor. The haughty server at a fictional "small plate family-style tapas" restaurant leads a two-top through an obnoxious service spiel that includes recommending they order "five to eighteen dishes, although this tiny table will only fit three," and rattling off an incomprehensible list of specials with ingredients like bruised squid and kumquat pollen. Thankfully, the patrons can wash it all down with one of the signature drinks, which are all "classic cocktails with just one weird liqueur" that they'll be forced to Google on their phone so as not to admit ignorance.

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