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Harry Potter Fans Can Now Have a Christmas Feast Inside the Great Hall at Hogwarts

It's a chance to pretend you're not actually a muggle for a night.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour/Facebook

While they may never be able to cast spells and play Quidditch on a flying broomstick, hardcore Harry Potter fans will be able to eat dinner in the famed Great Hall at Hogwarts. According to Time, London's Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which houses all of the sets used to make the Harry Potter films, is hosting a Christmas dinner on the set.

The ticket to the dinner, which will take place December 3, includes a wand and two courses of a Christmas meal, "with all the trimmings," per the Studio Tour's website. After the meal, attendees will have a chance to eat "festive dessert bowls" and flaming Christmas puddings on Platform 9 3/4 and drink the series' popular Butterbeer, before touring the rest of the sets. Unfortunately, the dinner is already sold out, but seeing as December is still relatively far away, there might be enough time to conjure up a ticket-securing potion.

If not, Harry Potter fans can always head to Universal Studios in Florida where many restaurants from the series have been recreated. And fans who would rather trade in wizarding robes in favor of booze should head to Toronto's new Harry Potter-themed bar called The Lockhart.