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Memories Pizza/Facebook

The pizzeria in Indiana that made headlines earlier this year for declaring it would never cater a gay wedding has now done exactly that, per a video posted to YouTube.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Ind. had the distinction of being Indiana's very first business to deny service to LGBT customers under the state's controversial "religious freedom" law. (Memories' owner admitted he'd clandestinely been refusing to serve gay customers all along, however.) The pizzeria was then trolled by scores of Yelpers and forced to temporarily close due to harassment, but it also had its fair share of supporters: A crowdfunding campaign raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the restaurant.

Now, Memories is finding itself back in the headlines thanks to Illinois resident Robin Trevino. Trevino drove all the way to Indiana to pick up a couple of Memories pizzas, which he stashed in a cooler and brought home; they were then served to guests after a ceremony in which Trevino renewed his vows with his partner Jason Delgatto, says Raw Story.

"Congrats to Memories Pizza for (unknowingly) catering your FIRST GAY WEDDING!" Trevino writes in the YouTube video caption. Go, watch:

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