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Valters Krontals/Flickr

A Detroit restaurant inadvertently got a four-year-old drunk over the weekend. According to Detroit's Local 4, Teria Smith and her family were dining at a Mexican restaurant called Armando's when the little girl "ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri" and was served a regular one instead.

Smith says she noticed the drink had alcohol in it after "her daughter started acting funny." The restaurant offered to call 911, but Smith refused; she took her daughter to the hospital a few hours later, and a urine test "showed no alcohol in the girl's system." Smith has also filed a police report in regards to the incident.

Eater reached out to Armando's for comment and the restaurant issued the following statement:

A simple change is we changed the glasses that we served virgin drinks in. Our servers are going through retraining with the TIPS program and ServSafe. She was fairly new in the dining room. She’s not working right now until she completes her retraining on the TIPS program. I’ve actually scheduled that for later this week. It was a very unfortunate mistake. Just busy and she grabbed the wrong drink. It was actually served to an adult. We didn’t even really know it was going to a child but regardless it was wrong.

It's certainly not the first time a kid has accidentally been served booze in a restaurant: Earlier this year a Texas Roadhouse gave a toddler sangria instead of juice, and last year a Joe's Crab Shack inadvertently served several young children alcoholic drinks.

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