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Watch the First Trailer for Bradley Cooper's Chef Movie 'Burnt'

The movie hits theaters October 23.

Here is the official trailer for Bradley Cooper's upcoming film Burnt. In the movie — which has been retitled many times — Cooper plays Adam Jones, a former world renowned chef who "destroyed his career with drugs and diva behavior." He cleans up his act and returns to London in hopes of opening a new place and securing three Michelin stars.

The official trailer features fewer ridiculous phrases than the teaser clip that dropped last month, but Cooper's character — who rolls around London on a motorcycle while donning leather jackets — still utters questionable lines like "we should be dealing in culinary orgasms." Various characters in the film question his return, with one even pondering just how alike Jones is to Darth Vader. But overall, the movie is very much a story about redemption and the trailer features Cooper apologizing to what feels like nearly every character in the film. The movie also stars Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, and Omar Sy. Burnt hits theaters October 23.

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