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Chipotle Has Solved Its Carnitas Crisis

Every location will have carnitas on the menu again by the end of November.


It was a long and pork-less road, but it appears that The Great Chipotle Carnitas Shortage of 2015 has officially come to an end. According to CBS News, carnitas are now back on the menu at 90 percent of the burrito chain's locations across the U.S. The pork product will return to all stores by the end of November. The shortage was due to supplier issues: Chipotle dropped one of its biggest partners in January for violating the chain's "responsibly raised" meat standards.

The chain searched for a new supplier and looked into using different cuts of pork. Eventually they found a new company to work with and spent the summer "slowly increasing their carnitas supply" so that the chain could serve pork in all of its stores this fall.

While the return of carnitas is good news for the chain, Chipotle is currently working to put out some other fires. The chain is being sued for allegedly serving GMOs after proclaiming it is completely GMO-free. The lawsuit says Chipotle's menus have never been "completely GMO-free" because they still serve popular soda brands that make their drinks with corn syrup and that the feed they give animals that are used as meat for the chain, are not GMO-free.