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Takeover Restaurant/Google Maps

A restaurant employee in Cleveland clearly needs a refresher course in customer service: Not only did he insult a customer's girlfriend, but he then assaulted the man with a hammer.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon at a restaurant called Takeover, reports; "The customer told police that he was in the restaurant with his girlfriend when the worker called his girlfriend a profane name." After the customer confronted the employee, he was reportedly asked to leave. When he refused, the employee reportedly chased him out into the parking lot with a hammer and smashed him in the head.

An off-duty cop who was waiting in his car at the nearby intersection saw the incident and pulled his gun on the hammer-wielding employee. He chased him back into the restaurant, "but lost the worker when he slipped out the back." Although the victim was taken to the hospital with a forehead gash, no charges have been filed against his assaulter.

Although violent incidents aren't exactly rare in restaurants, it seems like more often than not it's got something to do with the food: A tourist in Venice, Italy was beaten up last week by a gang of waiters after he refused to pay for a wrongly-cooked steak, and a retired Army general was arrested last month for attacking a Chinese food delivery driver who brought the wrong order.