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A $1,400 Ferran Adrià Pop-Up; Shake Shack's Newest Fan Is a Squirrel

Plus more food world news from across the world.

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— Americans continue to be the worst? Countries all over the world eat insects by choice, as a source of protein, but last night on Conan, when comedian Kristen Schaal explained that she had to eat crickets on her show Last Man on Earth, O'Brien and the audience reeled at the sight of her popping the roasted bugs into her mouth. "I'll put anything in my mouth for a laugh," Schaal said.

— Marky Mark's family's burger chain, Wahlburgers, launches its first location in Boston proper next week. Eater Boston has the full scoop.

— This shouldn't be news but it is: New York City-based chef Anita Lo is the first female chef to collaborate on a White House State Dinner. The menu includes wild mushroom soup, grilled Colorado lamb, and Maine lobster.

— The last time we heard from Ferran Adrià (the mad genius chef and frequent food symposium speaker formerly of the legendary elbulli restaurant in Spain) he was working on a documentary film about the restaurant he closed in 2011. Next month, he pops up at Amber at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong to put out a 12-course dinner with champagne. He'll be serving some elbulli classics, so the only thing that's actually surprising about this meal is its cost: HK$10,888 per person, or about $1,400 USD per person. Still, it's a rare chance to taste food made by Adrià himself.

— New York City's rats can keep the pizza. The city's squirrels, meanwhile, have better taste: Shake Shack.

— According to Burger Business, Johnny Rockets, the American chain of '50s era-style burger cafes, is going fast casual. The company's new concept is called Johnny's Burger Factory and the first location opens this weekend in Buffalo, N.Y. The interior has Edison lightbulbs, tablets at the counter for ordering, reclaimed wood, and "a digital menu board." This is all in an effort to attract the snake people, of course.

— Finally, here's a rendering of what chef Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson's first Loco'l outpost will look like from the exterior.

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