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Another Food Start-Up, Chef'd, Enters Meal Delivery Service

The company has partnered with big-name chefs and TV personalities.


Home meal delivery service is one of the hottest startup categories of the moment, catering to chronically busy Americans who have more money than time. A recently launched company called Chef'd is also hoping to capitalize on the population's love of celebrity chefs by featuring recipes from big names like Alex Guarnaschelli, Man vs. Food's Adam Richman, and Top Chef alums Angelo Sosa and Fabio Viviani. More upcoming partnerships include Dominique Crenn and Eric Greenspan.

Chef'd, which officially launched back in April, is basically like the wildly popular Blue Apron, except users can order individual meals from an online store rather than subscribing to weekly deliveries. The company also offers gluten-free, paleo, and vegan selections. Current offerings include grilled shrimp with orange-fennel couscous from Scott Conant and chicken korma with cilantro rice by Simon Majumdar, although they don't come cheap: Most of the dinner entrees are priced at $39 for two people, which is certainly a lot more than, say, a meal at Chipotle (but considerably cheaper than dinner at most full-service restaurants).

For those with less sophisticated tastes, Chef'd does have a simple grilled cheese sandwich option, though it will cost you a whopping $15 for American cheese and white bread for two people (it also includes fancy pickled Persian cucumbers).

While some might argue that using a service with pre-portioned ingredients and exacting recipes like Blue Apron or Chef'd isn't really cooking, the companies have nonetheless gained popularity as easy, convenient ways for people to put home-cooked meals on the table while reducing food waste.