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Starbucks has found itself the target of another lawsuit: A Seattle-area woman is suing the Frappuccino giant for serving her hot chocolate that was allegedly contaminated with cleaning solution, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Andrea Stevens says the incident occurred at a Starbucks in Kirkland, Wash. in the summer of 2014. According to the Seattle PI, "Stevens ordered a grande hot chocolate, received her drink and left. According to the lawsuit, Stevens had downed most of her drink when a frantic Starbucks worker rushed up and said her drink had 'cleaning tablets' in it." When Stevens went back to the store, she claims the workers refused to tell her what she'd been served and instead gave her a free drink coupon. Stevens claims she suffered "severe injuries to her throat and digestive tract." A spokesperson for Starbucks says the company is investigating the situation.

This story is all too familiar for the coffee giant: The chain was sued earlier this year for $2 million by a woman who says she was served coffee that contained cleaning solution. Similar situations have occurred at other restaurants, too: Earlier this year, a man in Indianapolis was hospitalized after he drank a soda spiked with degreaser from a McDonald's beverage fountain, and last year a woman was seriously injured after drinking lye-spiked iced tea at a Dickey's Barbecue.