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René Redzepi and Yale Join Forces for Chef Leadership Institute

It's called the MAD Institute at Yale.

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

René Redzepi is a busy, busy person: The chef behind illustrious Copenhagen restaurant Noma is teaming up with the equally illustrious Yale University on a new project. According to a press release, Redezpi is teaming up with the univerity to start the MAD Institute at Yale, a chef leadership program. It is a joint project from Yale and MAD— the international culinary symposium, nonprofit, and think tank founded by Redzepi.

The institute will launch its pilot program in 2016 with "an intensive weeklong summit" featuring six to eight chefs and other top culinary figures participating in lectures, workshops, and seminars. The MAD Institute at Yale will then grow to include 15 to 18 chefs and will take place every other year for two weeks. MAD already holds an two-day symposium each year in Copenhagen, and it sounds like the Yale program will expand on that concept.

"Our goal is to help chefs take action. Partnering with Yale is an opportunity to realize the potential we believe the chefs have to influence how we eat now and in the future," Redzepi notes in the press release. "We think can provide a new knowledge base, one that has often been overlooked, that will reinvent the leadership role of chefs in initiating new conversations on topics like kitchen culture, sustainability, inclusiveness, and respect," he adds.

Redzepi certainly has his hands full these days: After taking Noma on the road for a ten-week pop-up in Australia in 2016, the chef is planning to shutter his Michelin-starred restaurant for a dramatic revamp, reopening it with an urban farm. He's also working on a second more casual restaurant concept for Copenhagen.