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Here is some bad news for Chipotle, and this time it has nothing to do with a carnitas shortage: A woman in California who applied for a job at the chain is now slapping them with a lawsuit instead.

"According to the class action lawsuit, Chipotle has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act in their application documents by asking applicants to sign their consent for background checks embedded and essentially 'hidden' within a general consent agreement," Top Class Actions explains.

Under the FCRA, employers are required to use a separate document to obtain consent for consumer reports; it cannot be "encumbered by any other information … in order to prevent consumers from being distracted by other information side-by-side with the disclosure." Plaintiff Lorena Mejia claims that not only was Chipotle's disclosure "hidden" within additional information, but the chain also failed to to provide "a box to check to indicate the applicant’s desire to receive a copy of the investigative consumer report that Chipotle required as part of their application process."

It's not the first class action lawsuit Chipotle has found itself facing recently: Last month a suit was filed against the burrito chain in San Francisco claiming that Chipotle has been using GMOs in its food despite its advertising claims that it is GMO-free. Eater has reached out to Chipotle for comment.

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