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Tennessee Steak 'n Shake Hit With Racism Allegations

Four African-Americans left the restaurant after 25 minutes of being ignored by staff.


A restaurant in Mount Julie, Tenn., is facing some backlash after consumers alleged they were targets of discrimination. According to News Channel 9, Richard Lindsley and his three co-workers went into their local Steak 'n Shake during their lunch break and felt they were treated unfairly due to the fact that they were African-American. Lindsley says they sat at the restaurant for 25 minutes while the waitstaff and management completely ignored them.

Lindsley also claims he and his friends were not the only black table being ignored. He claims he watched another black couple wait around for service while servers attended to the white customers. "I felt dehumanized. I could not believe that in 2015 in America that this could be happening," he says of the incident. Lindsley goes on to say that when he and his co-workers got up and left, their departure went unnoticed.

The chain has been in the news before for similar allegations when a former employee accused a Cleveland franchise of racial discrimination. Other popular chain restaurants like McDonalds and Red Robin have been sued recently by former employees claiming they were discriminated against for being gay. These charges come on the heels of another lawsuit against McDonalds by former employees claiming racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

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