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Most People Don't Want More Than One Pumpkin Latte Each Fall, Says Study

Tis the season for pumpkin-flavored everything.


Fall at this point should really just be renamed pumpkin season, thanks to the yearly roll-out of pumpkin-flavored everything by brands and restaurants. But, a new study shows that companies should think about cutting back. According to the Chicago Tribune, a study conducted by market research firm NPD Group revealed that most people are content with having one pumpkin spice latte per season. The study, which tracked the purchases of 35,000 diners, also found that offering these drinks is still good for business. Not only does the seasonal drink result in additional purchases from regular customers, it also brings in new customers looking for their pumpkin fix.

Because of the success of these limited-time drinks, more and more places are jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon, offering them earlier and earlier each year — although Starbucks pushed its release date back two weeks this year. While 72 percent of consumers indulge in the drink only once during the fall season, there is no shortage of pumpkin-flavored everything to keep everyone happy until winter.

Unfortunately, if you're in Cuba this fall, you won't get the chance to have your one PSL of the season. According to Reuters, Starbucks may make a move to the island, but will not be allowed to sell prepared drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. So, if you've dreamed of ordering a non-fat, no whip, Pumpkin Spice Latte in Havana, you'll have to wait until at least next fall.

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