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Pizza Hut Introduces Twisted Crust; New CEO at America's Test Kitchen

And, Shake Shack has another chef special on the way.

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Pizza Hut

— Pizza Hut is at it again. The international chain is never content with regular old crust surrounding its toppings, and its newest creation is Twisted Crust Pizza, a mashup of pizza and breadsticks. The tearable breadstick crust, now available at participating locations according to a release, will be served with a choice of Buffalo ranch or cheddar cheese dipping sauce, and a large with one topping checks in at $11.99. The new pizza is actually fairly tame compared to some of Pizza Hut's previous crust innovations.

— America's Test Kitchen, which aims to help Americans perfect recipes with its public television show, has some new blood. David Nussbaum is taking over as CEO, leaving the same position at F&W Media. ATK founder Christopher Kimball will continue to host the TV show.

— Baskin Robbins knows about Pinterest trends, and the company will soon offer a dessert that's popular on the social media platform. The ice cream chain, which shares the same parent company as Dunkin Donuts, is working on a pinata cake that, much like an actual pinata, is stuffed with candy that spills out when the cake is sliced. No word on when it might be available.

— With Greece's national economy in the tank, food items are becoming in-demand currency. One owner of a butcher shop, for example, is trading meat for new tires that on his delivery truck. Artists are apparently exchanging works for olive oil. Fruits and vegetables are being swapped for clothes, equipment, and services. With no end to the country's financial troubles in sight, the barter system may continue to expand.

— In-N-Out Burger has no plans to expand to the East Coast of the United States, but the beloved chain recently popped up in Ireland. In-N-Out set up shop in a Dublin restaurant, serving lunch for only a few hours. It's not the first international pop-up for the chain: In-N-Out recently made appearances in such locales as Hong Kong and the Philippines.

— In other heralded-burger-chain news, Shake Shack has another one-day chef special in the works. Michelin-starred British chef Sat Bains has come up with "The Major Oak," which features Aberdeen Angus beef topped with fresh shallots, a slice of blue Beauvale cheese, and a touch of pine from the needles of local coniferous trees. The burger will be available on October 9 at the Covent Garden, London, Shack.

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