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Thief Pays for Drinks at Bar, Leaves Tip Before Robbing It

Police are still looking for the thoughtful criminal.


A bold robber held up a bar Monday at gun point, but also paid for his drinks and left a tip before leaving. According to Komo 4 TV, a thief walked into Ma's Place in Puyallup, Wash. Monday morning. He ordered a couple of shots of Jack Daniels and then paid with a $100 bill. The robber then brought out his gun.

A bartender simply identified as Rachel tells the news station: "I turned around and he had a gun out and said, 'Give me all of the money in the register.'... He asked for the bags, which are the money bags that we keep, and he took those." The thief then walked backwards out of the door and told Rachel that if she "called anybody that he would be back."

While the crime was scary — Rachel explains that she felt as if her "insides melted," — the robber was oddly courteous. Even though he made threats, he did leave Rachel a 50-cent tip for his drinks before running off with the cash. Rachel notes: "He scooped all of that up and left me 50 cents so I think I'll frame those. Lucky quarters." Police are still looking for the thief who successfully robbed two other local restaurants in the area last week.

This isn't the first criminal to leave a tip behind while committing a theft. In February, an armed robber hit a Subway in Oklahoma City. The suspect brandished a gun while demanding cash from an employee working the register. Before fleeing, the thief dropped a one dollar bill into the tip jar, telling the employee, "This is for you." Watch the local news story below: