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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Barack Obama is a known burger and beer lover, but it turns out the leader of the free world has quite the sweet tooth as well. According to the Associated Press, Obama is on a tour of Alaska and found himself in Anchorage yesterday. The President paid a "surprise visit" to local brunch spot Snow City Cafe and went straight for the pastry case. Upon seeing the cinnamon rolls, Obama told the barista, "How many of those do you have?... I'm going to take all of those."

After cleaning out the restaurant's cinnamon roll supply, Obama then asked the cafe to put together a "little sampler" of the rest of its pastries for his staffers and reporters on the trip. While Obama exited the restaurant giving hugs and handshakes to diners, one White House employee was seen carrying "two giant cardboard boxes of pastries" to the motorcade.

Photo: Snow City Cafe/Facebook

Photo: Snow City Cafe/Facebook

The president's sweet tooth wasn't quelled by the cinnamon rolls alone. A few hours later he stopped by Sweet Darlings, a candy and ice cream shop in Seward where he ordered coffee and coconut gelato for himself. What would Michelle, First Lady and healthy eating advocate, have to say about that?

As far as presidents go, Obama is quite the gastronome. He frequents trendy restaurants across the country, brews his own beer, and has strong opinions on food. POTUS recently chimed in on the great New York Times-sparked pea-in-guacamole debate, declaring that he is not "buying peas in guac." Instead, Obama prefers "onions, garlic, [and] hot peppers."