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Watch a Preview of 'Barista,' a New Film About Serious Coffee Geeks

The world of coffee has never been hotter.

Most people think the ladies and gentlemen behind the counter at their local coffee shop are college kids working for a bit of extra pocket money. But for plenty of baristas, this is their chosen career. Barista, a new documentary from Samuel Goldwyn Films (Somm, Somm: Inside the Bottle) follows the country's top five baristas as they work their way through the National Barista Championship, an intense, cutthroat competition wherein competitors get 15 minutes to prepare 12 drinks. In this exclusive trailer, watch baristas describe the process of creating a drink, and the intensity they feel entering the competition — where even a single misplaced drop of water can mean failure. Fortunately, the film seems to pull back just when things get too impassioned, and lends a sense of humor to the seriousness of making a great cup of joe.

Barista will open in select theaters and become available on iTunes and on demand on November 6, 2015.