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Summer 2015's Craziest Ice Cream Novelties, Ranked

The good, the bad, the ugly.

This summer, even the most traditional ice cream purveyors got inventive with the frozen sweet treat to create positively out-of-the-cone creations. From wine-infused pints to cream cheese and rye sandwiches, here are the weirdest ice cream desserts of the summer.

11. Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream

Photo: Courtesy of Coolhaus

Made with mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, and salt, Coolhaus's pizza-flavored dessert is enjoyed year-round by fans of the Los Angeles-based ice cream shop.

10. Fat Elvis Grilled Freeze

Photo: Facebook

Canada's Rocky Point Ice Cream is to thank for this grilled brioche bun stuffed with chocolate ice cream, crunchy peanut sauce, strawberry jam, and sliced bananas.

9. Milky Buns

Photo: Facebook

Earlier this year, Afters Ice Cream in Orange County, California debuted their Milky Buns — warm, glazed doughnuts stuffed with ice cream. The frozen creation is so successful, the ice cream purveyor soon opened a location in Long Beach, quickly followed by three more.

8. Wine Ice Cream

Photo: Facebook

While Mercer's Dairy has been making wine ice cream since 2006, they only went mainstream last winter, bringing their boozy frozen treat to the national market. The wine-infused dessert has five percent alcohol-by-volume and comes in flavors like chocolate cabernet, red raspberry chardonnay, and cherry merlot.

7. J-Shaped Ice Cream Cone

Photo: Facebook

Available at New York City food truck Play J, these J-shaped cones are made from puffed corn and inspired by a Korean dessert. The phallic-shaped vessels — the weird shape is said to prevent dripping — can be filled with chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

6. Thai Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo: Nick Solares

Called khanom pang ai tiim, this Thai version of the ice cream sandwich is found at popular Brooklyn eatery Pok Pok NY. The Thai restaurant makes the dessert by scooping coconut-jackfruit ice cream over sugary sticky rice that's stuffed inside a sweet Chinese bun.

5. Puffle Cone

Photo: Instagram

Taking waffle cones to the next level, "puffle cones" are inspired by a type of egg waffle that originated in Hong Kong. California ice cream shop Cauldron Ice Cream took the Chinese street food and turned it into a waffle cone that they serve warm, filled with ice cream to order.

4. Glow in the Dark Ice Cream

Photo: Facebook

An Australian frozen treats company has come up with a way to create ice cream that glows in the dark. Melbourne-based shop 196 Below is known for its ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, but they are now injecting flavors with a "UV-reactive liquid colouring" that produces this cool effect.

3. Jewish Deli-Inspired Ice Cream

Photo: Courtesy of Coolhaus

Another creation from Los Angeles's Coolhaus ice cream shop is an entire menu of deli-inspired ice cream sandwiches that include flavors like potato latke and apple sauce, cream cheese and rye, and marbled rye cookie. They even have a pastrami ice cream made with real house-made caramelized pastrami.

2. Ice Cream Ramen

Photo: Courtesy of Cup Noodles

This strange concoction was created to celebrate the four millionth visitor to the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, Japan. It's available in soy sauce and curry flavors and can be upgraded with ramen-inspired toppings like shrimp and green onions.

1. Rolled Up Thai Ice Cream

Photo: Facebook

One of the latest frozen trends to hit the U.S., Thai ice cream roll-ups, are found in New York's Chinatown at a small Mott Street shop called 10Below. (A few other shops also serve this treat now, too.) Fans line up for flavors like s'mores galore, matcha made in heaven, and honey boo boo.

Check out how they're made in this video: