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Inside the 'Modern Family' Cookbook, 100 Recipes for Super Fans

'The Modern Family Cookbook' hits shelves September 22.

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Here is a look inside the forthcoming Modern Family cookbook. Based off of the popular television series, The Modern Family Cookbook has 100 "easy-to-make recipes" that center around the show's characters. This means dishes like "Claire's Spooky Pumpkin Cheese Ball," "Gloria's Carnitas al Diablo," and "Phil's Traditional First-Day-of-School Pancakes" (complete with his signature whipped cream smile). Other recipes — such as "Dunphy's Failsafe Roast Chicken" and "Manny's French Toast Sticks"— are based off of key events in the show and come with moments from the script that inspired the dish.

The book contains more than recipes, however. It's also chock-full of extras like stills from the show and character bios. And there are pages — like the list of the "most traumatic" cake-related catastrophes — focused on the show's "most hilarious moments." There's even a look inside Phil Dunphy's brain. The Modern Family Cookbook, which will be published by Oxmoor House, hits stores September 22, just in time for the Season 7 premiere. Check out pages from the book below: