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Chipotle's Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota Linked to Tomatoes

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Three of the victims are suing.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The cause of a recent salmonella outbreak at Chipotle restaurants in Minnesota has been identified: An official report from the Minnesota Department of Health reveals that it was tomatoes that sickened more than 60 people who ate at 22 different locations in mid-to-late August. Nine people were hospitalized and are recovering.

A spokesperson for the MDH says "there is no longer a risk of Salmonella from this particular product at Chipotle," as the burrito chain has removed all affected tomatoes from its restaurants and switched to a different supplier.

Minneapolis news station KMSP notes that three of the salmonella victims have now filed lawsuits against the restaurant, and it's not the only foodborne illness-related trouble Chipotle has had recently: Health officials in California believe Norovirus is responsible for sickening nearly 100 customers who ate at a Greater Los Angeles-area location of the restaurant.