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Behind the Scenes at Arnold's, Nashville's Iconic Meat and Three

"A true part of Nashville."

This year, Eater is teaming up with James Beard award-winning Southern Foodways Alliance to spotlight their documentary work, premiering a short film every other week. This next piece focuses on Arnold's County Kitchen, an iconic and family-owned meat and three lunch spot in Nashville, TN. Owned by the Arnold family for over 30 years, the steam table and tray line attracts a cross section of the city's population, from blue collar workers to young creatives to politicians and judges. Everyone waits in line, everyone grabs a seat at the long communal tables. Check it out.

Watch this video on YouTube | Read more about Southern Foodways Alliance

Arnold's Country Kitchen

605 8th Avenue South, , TN 37203 (615) 256-4455 Visit Website