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Budweiser’s New Metallica Beer: Perfect for Drinking While Headbanging

Sadly, you can only get it in Canada.


Fans of heavy metal old-timers Metallica can now get drunk in style while they headbang: The band has teamed up with Budweiser to launch a limited-edition Metallica beer. Tragically, he Daily Dot reports it will only be available in Canada.

The band's special-edition beer can is black, much like the color of its fans' souls. It's not quite clear whether the beer inside will be a new creation, or just the same old Budweiser swill. Either way, the beer will be unleashed on Quebec on September 28 and will be available in 15- and 24-packs, says Blabbermouth. Expect to see empty cans and boxes hitting eBay post-haste. Impassioned fans are already swarming the Budweiser Facebook page, with one commenting, "When is the USA going to see the Metallica Budweiser beer cans? If not sold in the US I may quit Anheuser Busch."

Metallica is hardly the first band to be blessed with its own beer: Rock legends Queen launched a Bohemian Rhapsody beer earlier this year, and stoner icons 311 have an amber ale; the latter is made by the same brewer responsible for unleashing a Hootie & the Blowfish beer on the public.

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