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Oscar Mayer's Dating App for Bacon Lovers Will Help You Find True, Greasy Love

It's called Sizzl.

Sizzl's love-matching in action
Sizzl's love-matching in action
Oscar Mayer

Step aside, Tinder: The latest app to help millennials find hookups is called Sizzl, and it's brought to you by wiener specialist Oscar Mayer. Rather than relying on shallow criteria like someone's hobbies or interests, Sizzl aims to make love connections based on individuals' favorite style of bacon — thick-cut, hardwood smoked, "lower sodium," or maple — and how they like it cooked: chewy, crispy, or burnt.

As Adweek explains, "You download the app, specify your bacon preferences in a customizable profile, upload photos and start swiping your greasy digits through pics of local fellow bacon lovers." (Fittingly, the app's icon is a heart made of bacon.) People who don't eat pork aren't left out in the cold, however: There's even an option for turkey bacon lovers.

Such an app might seem like a swine-scented joke, but alas, Sizzl is all too real: Mashable points out that it's brought to you by the same team that created last year's bacon-scented alarm clock. Clearly Oscar Mayer's marketing team has unearthed the prized money-making equation that is millennials and bacon.

For tech-savvy folks who are more interested in eating than dating, there's always Tender, a recently launched app that lets users "swipe right" to save recipes they'd like to hook up with later.

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