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Pope Francis Had a Master Coffee Taster Make Him a Special Blend for His U.S. Tour

The Pope's team ordered 60 pounds of the special blend.

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Perks of being the Pope (besides all those cool robes, of course)? Getting your own personalized coffee blend when you go on tour. According to Fox 4, the Vatican has ordered 60 pounds of a "special blend" of coffee for when Pope Francis visits the U.S. next week. The pontiff's team reached out to Tracy Allen — a Kansas City-based "master coffee taster" and the owner of coffee consulting company Brewed Behavior — to whip up the coffee.

Allen, who is a "devout Catholic," tells the news station that he "leaped at the chance" to create a coffee for the Pope and that the Pope seems pleased: "(The Pope's handlers) are very complimentary of it. It looks like we're going to be roasting more than we had originally been contacted about." Unfortunately, creating the coffee the Pope drinks doesn't automatically grant Allen the chance to meet with the religious leader, and he will have to endure the large crowds if he wants the chance.

Pope Francis may as well be renamed Pope Foodie: The leader of the Catholic Church has a well documented penchant for good food and drink, beyond specially blended coffee. The Pope — who is an honorary sommelier — is a fan of wine and has publicly stated, "Without wine, there's no party." He is also partial to ice cream, dulce de leche cakes, and risotto.