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Bear Rudely Asked to Leave Pizzeria Before Getting Its Food

It's been safely relocated back to the wild.

Louie's Pizza/Facebook

Further proving that not all bears subsist on a steady diet of picnic baskets and hikers, a baby bear in Colorado Springs set out in search of pizza yesterday.

According to the Associated Press, the bear was first spotted near Palmer High School in Colorado Springs; when the school resource officer went to investigate, they were "flagged down by employees at Louie's Pizza about a bear in their store nearby."

Apparently the bear's need for a nap took priority over its hunger: "The bear fell asleep in the back of the store on a rack of boxes and was tranquilized before she could get a pizza," says AP. Thankfully, Louie's won't be serving any wild game pizza specials: Per local news station Fox 31, police and the Department of Wildlife came and whisked the bear away "for relocation back to the wild."

At least the employees at Louie's were seemingly sympathetic to the bear's pizza cravings: Last year the owners of a pizzeria in Santa Barbara, Cal. told their employees to use bleach to kill a baby possum that had found its way into the restaurant, leading the chef to quit.

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