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McDonald's Is Actually Testing Online Reservations

Swedish customers will be able to book tables at the fast food chain starting this month.

Did you make a reservation?
Did you make a reservation?
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

McDonald's is the latest restaurant to offer reservations. Yes, McDonald's — the fast food chain with counter service and no real plates — has teamed up with popular restaurant reservation site, according to The Local. McDonald's announced yesterday that customers living in Sweden would "soon have the opportunity to reserve seating" for up to four people. The reserved tables will be available starting September 22.

With reservations will likely come table service. Stefan Ekstam, the director of menu strategy for McDonald's Sweden, tells The Local: "We want to give burger lovers a unique experience at McDonald's. We already have table service in some restaurants in France and Germany." Locations in Australia have also tested offering table service, complete with metal flatware. He adds that they are testing online reservations to see if there is a demand, and if so, the program will expand to other parts of the country.

This isn't the first time McDonald's has experimented with table service. With the launch of the chain's Create Your Taste Program, where customers can customize burgers using a special kiosk, McDonald's changed the way people receive their orders. Those who order using the kiosks take a number from a tray nearby and then McDonald's employees bring the customized burgers to their table. This however does not apply to the rest of the menu — yet.