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Paula Deen Will Not Wear Skimpy Costumes On 'Dancing With the Stars'

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She also named her team, "Team Buttercup."

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Butter queen Paula Deen made her Dancing With the Stars debut last night and her wacky attempt at the Nae Nae was a pretty good predictor of her success. (Check out Eater's full recap.) A "top Vegas odds maker" told Entertainment Weekly that "Paula Deen has the worst chance of winning Dancing With the Stars," but that didn't stop Deen from enthusiastically opening up about the show.

She revealed that her love for butter is very much integrated into the show: Deen and her partner, Louis Van Amstel call themselves "Team Buttercup" (or is it "Team Butter Cup?") And while Deen has lost 40 pounds — supposedly her weight prevented her from participating in the show in seasons past — she is adamant that she will not be wearing any "skimpy outfits": "Oh no, not grandma, honey! We don't want to make people sick."

At 68, Deen is one of the oldest contestants on the show, competing against people like former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and reality star Kim Zolciak. The show appears to be Deen's latest step in an attempted comeback. In 2013, the disgraced cooking show host lost most of her endorsement deals and her place on the Food Network after she admitted to using racial slurs. Since then, she has launched her own digital network, opened a new restaurant in Tennessee, created a weird mobile game, and is now trying to cha-cha her way back into the hearts of America.