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Welcome to Eater's Future Week

What will the world of dining look like in the future?

A year ago, we took a look at 72 ways food can change the world to mark the relaunch of Eater. What we learned is that we need an increased focus on sustainability, on efficiency, on sourcing. We need to eat more seafood — and more bugs — and use clean energyWe thought about eating local, and eating better. We looked to the past, and this week, we look to the future.

Today is day one of Eater Future Week, for which we'll forge ahead to think about the coming years — and decades and centuries — of dining and food: What will restaurants look like in the generations after ours? How are people preparing to eat when the world ends? What exactly are lab-grown meats, anyway?

All of these questions and more will be answered, so do check back all week for features and reports (and even humor!). Each day we'll focus on a different theme, starting with the immediate future, then moving into areas like the retro future, space, and dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and utopian futures. Have your own thoughts about what the future of dining will look like? Email and we'll round them up for a post later in the week.

Day One: The Immediate Future

Day Two: Retro Future

Day Three: Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Future

Day Four: Space Day

Day Five: Utopia Day