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Deadly Restaurant Explosion Kills More Than 85 People in India

More than 100 additional diners were injured in the blast.

A deadly restaurant explosion has rocked the town of Petlawad in the central India. At least 85 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the tragic event, though the death toll is likely to rise throughout the day according to Reuters. Authorities say the blast occurred as a cooking gas cylinder exploded in a crowded restaurant on Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m., igniting gelatin sticks (used in mining operations) that had been illegally stored in a nearby home.

Workers and diners who escaped the initial blast during the breakfast rush as well as people standing at the area's main bus station, were caught in the second incident as they stood outside the restaurant. Numerous people were reportedly trapped under a caved-in roof. The Los Angeles Times reports that several additional buildings collapsed as a result of the explosions and national rescue workers have been called to help search for survivors in the debris. The Indian government announced that families of the deceased will receive $3,000 in compensation.

This violent explosion isn't the first to strike a restaurant. A jury in Missouri recently awarded a restaurant owner $5.78 million in compensation after a gas line explosion leveled JJ's Restaurant in Kansas City killing server Megan Cramer and injuring others.

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