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Pregnant Woman Claims Dairy Queen Employee Beat Her Over Incorrect Blizzard Order

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She is now suing the chain.

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Restaurants get diners' orders wrong from time to time, but violence is never the solution: According to WSAV, Angelika Coakley-Vargas, who is pregnant, stopped by a Dairy Queen in New Mexico with her fiancé last month. Coakley-Vargas was craving chocolate ice cream and ordered a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard which features chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces, and cocoa fudge. Instead, according to WJTV, she received "some vanilla concoction [that] wasn't even chocolate."

Coakley-Vargas sent her fiancé back in to the store to address the situation. An employee added a couple of pumps of hot fudge, but that still wasn't chocolatey enough for her. So she went inside herself and asked the employees to "remake the whole thing." The employees refused and Coakley-Vargas slid the cup of ice cream across the counter and walked out.

Witnesses say that one of the workers, Takisha Archuleta, chased after Coakley-Vargas and attacked her outside of the store. Allegedly another employee joined in and started punching her as well. Coakley-Vargas says she screamed that she was pregnant and that she was "just trying to protect [her] belly the whole time." Coakley-Vargas was taken to the hospital and her baby "will be okay."

Archuleta claims that the fight was instigated by Coakley-Vargas. She alleges that she followed Coakley-Vargas out of the store to tell her that she was no longer "welcome in the business" when Coakley-Vargas put her in a headlock. Coakley-Vargas is now suing Dairy Queen and its employees. A spokesperson for the chain notes that it has yet to be served with the lawsuit and that "it was company policy not to comment on pending litigation."

Sadly, this isn't the first time a restaurant employee has punched a customer. In April, a McDonald's employee knocked out a belligerent customer that was causing a huge commotion. The customer allegedly spat on the counter and threw a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign at employees. When the customer would not leave the store, the employee knocked him out with one punch.

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