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Keurig and Campbell Have Created Soup K-Cups and There's No Escaping Them

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The soup K-Cups come in two flavors.

Campbell Soup Co.

Keurig is now deploying its environmentally destructive K-Cup pods to make more than watery coffee: According to Bloomberg, the company has partnered with Campbell Soup Co. to offer soup pods. This marks Keurig's first move beyond the beverage space. Campbell Soup Co. and Keurig will offer two varieties of soup K-Cups: A homestyle chicken noodle soup and a Southwest-style chicken noodle soup.

WNEP notes that making soup with a Keurig requires both a packet of noodle soup mix and a K-Cup pod of broth. The noodle soup mix is emptied into a cup and then the K-Cup Pod is brewed into the same cup. The soups clock in at 70 calories each and are free of artificial colors and flavors as part of Campbell's new initiative to rid all of its products of artificial ingredients by 2018.

While the partnership was first announced in 2013, it took two years to develop the pods. Keurig hopes the soup pods will help mitigate its slumping sales which have been taking a huge hit over the past few years. The company's sales fell 1.4 percent in the last financial quarter alone and WNEP writes that Keurig plans to lay off 330 employees. Keurig is looking to give its "customers another reason to use their machines beyond the morning caffeine fix," which it believes will increase sales.

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